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Houston Texas

Meet the Ike Dike, the wall Texas must build.

The aftermath of Hurricane Ike in Galveston, Texas/NOAA

It’s called the Ike Dike, and unless you live along the Galveston coastline, chances are you probably haven't heard of it. If you think the Texas/Mexico border wall is expensive, hold on to your hats. The Ike Dike will cost upwards of $26 billion dollars and it’s no longer considered optional.

Hurricane Ike made landfall in 2008, with seawater flooding downtown Galveston. Water levels climbed to nearly 8 feet in some homes and the storm claimed at least 15 people that night on the Bolivar Peninsula, destroying some 3,600 homes there.


Examining Gain of Function research from both sides of the spectrum.

Beefing up Viruses/Medika Life/Creative Commons

Gain of Function (GOF) is one of the most controversial aspects to rise up out of the ashes of our almost post-pandemic society. For most of the West, unfettered access to vaccines has seen the covid pandemic beaten back, while in third world countries and Asia, SARS-CoV2 continues its unchecked transmission through unvaccinated populations, laying waste to countries like India.

What role has GOF played in all of this? Therein lies the crux of the debate, it either had everything to do with the virus or nothing or has perhaps contributed to it. There is evidence in favor of each…

How your patient data is being sold off for commercial purposes

Image/Medika Life/Creative Commons

The next time you engage online with your therapist or doctor, remember you aren’t just speaking to that person, you’re addressing the entire internet. In this article we’ll explain how your most private medical conversations are being recorded, analyzed, and sold on for commercial gain, always to your detriment. A recent 2021 article in Health IT Security highlighted how 30 well-known medical apps were shown to be vulnerable to hacking and API-based attacks.

Julie had been struggling for months to find a therapist to help her deal with increasing levels of anxiety. Finally, out of frustration and a desperate need…

Predatory journals and their impact on the scientific landscape

Image/MedikaLife/Creative Commons

It isn’t easy. Let’s get that out the way up front. The individuals perpetrating these frauds are complex, intelligent people who are motivated by greed, fame, and sometimes, even a real misplaced belief in their ideas. They even manage to pull the wool over fellow professionals, who may lack the knowledge necessary to judge the fraudster's particular field of expertise. Importantly, no field is immune to this. All suffer equally, data science, virology, pharma, clinical, the list is as endless as the motivators for deception.

These confidence tricksters, which is essentially what they are, motivations aside, set about creating a…


The military and Texas homeowners need to pay attention

Image / Welcome to the Lone Star State / AP

It's highly debatable whether you should sell off prime farming land in Texas to foreign-owned businesses. When that ground is situated near one of your military bases and the buyer is a retired billionaire Chinese general, eyebrows should definitely be raised. When the deal gets rubber-stamped by the Federal government, you’ll be excused if your draw just dropped.

It’s been happening more and more frequently across Texas over the last decade and in 2020 and 2021 things stepped up a notch. The farm I referred to above is called Morning Star Ranch.


The Texas Governor shows his true colors

The Briscoe Unit in Dilley has been cleared to detain immigrants/Gov Abbott Twitter Stream

In a statement issued a few hours ago on Twitter, the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott announced a new solution to the growing issues of immigrants crossing into Texas from the south. In the tweet, Abbott announced the following.

Texas has begun arresting illegal immigrants who are trespassing in Texas or vandalizing property & fences. They are now being sent to this jail rather than being released like the Biden Admin. has been doing. We are adding more officers, National Guard & jails.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice announced on Wednesday that Val Verde County, home to Del Rio, sent…


How effective are vaccines at preventing fatal Covid infections?

President Biden receiving Covid Vaccine/Associatd Press

There is an unfortunate video circulating on the internet of President Joe Biden making a statement about the Covid vaccines during a recent Town Hall appearance. In the video, he’s heard to say that the Covid vaccines will prevent you from getting covid.

You can listen to the clip below. It's been shared all over social media with conservative elements leaping on the obvious and unintentional flaw in Biden’s statement, a flaw that relates to how the vaccines work and a group of Texas Democrats, who fled their state to avoid voting on a restrictive voting bill.

The group…


“Texodus — the reversal of mass migration to the state of Texas

Image/U-Haul Truck/U-Haul

Texas has seen a massive influx of new residents in the last few years. More so than ever before in the State’s history. Texas, however, isn't Kansas, and the Cowardly Lion may very well be on the point of fleeing the Lone Star state for safe harbor elsewhere.

Texas’ growth rate of 15.9% was more than double both the national and California rates and was the most popular destination for ex-Californians between 2010 and 2019. During that time, nearly 700,000 Californians moved to Texas.

Ask any estate agent in Texas why Californians are moving into Texas in such large numbers…


Preaching for profit is big business in Texas

Image/Joel Osteen’s $10.5 million home/Happy Solstice

They always say figures don't lie, and if that's the truth, then stats on the most successful (read wealthy) evangelical preachers have an interesting tale to tell and it centers around Texas.

Two examples of the charismatic men that lead these superchurches are Kenneth Copeland and Joel Osteen. Both lead a life of luxury that is arguably unsuited to the positions they occupy and the message they spread.

Kenneth Copeland tops the list of the richest pastors in the world. He is an American preacher born in Lubbock, Texas. He is the founder of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries located in…


International travel delivers another virus to American soil


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Texas Dept of State Health Services have just confirmed a case of human monkeypox in a U.S. resident who recently traveled from Nigeria to the U.S. The patient is currently hospitalized in Dallas and the CDC is contacting airline passengers from 2 flights connected to the patient’s return.

The patient, a resident of Texas, had flown to Atlanta from Nigeria on July 8, with a final destination of Dallas Love Field Airport on July 9, The infected individual has been hospitalized in isolation in Dallas. …

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