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How your patient data is being sold off for commercial purposes

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Predatory journals and their impact on the scientific landscape

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A simple and elegant solution to destroying the virus before it can infect you may soon be available in your local pharmacy

Gilly Regev, an Israeli-raised scientist who co-founded the company SaNOtize, uses the new nasal spray she developed/Medika Life/Creative Commons
  1. We cannot vaccinate the entire planet quickly enough. Some 30 countries have yet to administer their first vaccine. Continued outbreaks in these areas allow opportunity and time for the virus to mutate.
  2. Vaccines are going to have to be fine-tuned and re-administered at some point to address new variants, effectively meaning we have to start all over again.


The doctor who fooled the world continues as though nothing has changed

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The dangers of unrestricted, false malicious propaganda unleashed on healthcare and a vulnerable public mind.

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The latest J&J PR travesty surrounding what is essentially a safe vaccine suggests we might need to consider alternatives

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Simple firearm safety and common sense rules our tragedy

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All here, in one place, collated for education, factual accuracy, and the odd smile

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A preprint from MIT raises important questions about reverse transcription and the RNA coronavirus

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Although we now know which parts of our brain covid attacks, we still don't understand the infection mechanism

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