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How your patient data is being sold off for commercial purposes

The next time you engage online with your therapist or doctor, remember you aren’t just speaking to that person, you’re addressing the entire internet. In this article we’ll explain how your most private medical conversations are being recorded, analyzed, and sold on for commercial gain, always to your detriment. A recent 2021 article in Health IT Security highlighted how 30 well-known medical apps were shown to be vulnerable to hacking and API-based attacks.

Julie had been struggling for months to find a therapist to help her deal with increasing levels of anxiety. Finally, out of frustration and a desperate need…

Predatory journals and their impact on the scientific landscape

It isn’t easy. Let’s get that out the way up front. The individuals perpetrating these frauds are complex, intelligent people who are motivated by greed, fame, and sometimes, even a real misplaced belief in their ideas. They even manage to pull the wool over fellow professionals, who may lack the knowledge necessary to judge the fraudster's particular field of expertise. Importantly, no field is immune to this. All suffer equally, data science, virology, pharma, clinical, the list is as endless as the motivators for deception.

These confidence tricksters, which is essentially what they are, motivations aside, set about creating a…

Simone Gold and her quack cohort known misleadingly as America’s Frontline Doctors are taking their snake oil wagon on the road.

This morning I read the latest press release from America’s Frontline Doctors with a mixture of bemused amazement and anger. After having lied to the public about the dangers of Covid, encouraging patients to purchase hydroxychloroquine as both a Covid prophylactic and treatment and establishing a highly dubious supply chain involving yet more doctors of questionable morals and Ravkoo pharmacy (read that article here) to peddle their wares, the question of whether any of these doctors should actually still possess a license to practice is a relevant one.

Dr. Simone Gold (a term very loosely applied) is a particularly nasty…


A well-established precedent in American corporate law is about to be rolled out to citizens

For decades in America, corporations and businesses have enjoyed legal immunity against personal prosecution. The ability of corporate executives to murder, maim, disfigure and mislead the public was tolerated as a necessary evil of business and became punishable through the application of hefty fines levied on the businesses. The purpose of these fines was, and still is, to compensate the injured, the aggrieved, and survivors of whatever transgressions the company had committed.

Unless the company, take Enron as an unfortunate example, happened to rain on the government’s parade, personal accountability was, and remains, an alien concept to corporate America. …


Forget vaccinating all of America, that ship has sailed, with Geert Vanden Bossche at the helm

I have to admit to a certain grudging admiration for Geert Vanden Bossche. The man is clearly intelligent, well versed in his topic (sufficiently so to be able to see the flaws in his own paper), and absolutely ruthless in the deployment of his propaganda. So much so, that he has completely undermined every effort being made by American health officials to try and ensure widespread uptake of the Coviv Vaccine in the US. He is also an evil marketing genius in disguise. When his career in academia washes out (we give it a year before he is proven spectacularly…

Fact-checking claims about fetal cells being present in vaccines

If you follow the anti-vaxx crowd then you will have heard the claims being bandied about on social media. Vaccines contain fetal cells from aborted fetuses. Where do these claims come from, do they have any basis in fact, or are they simply scare tactics latched onto by the anti-vaxx community to scare you off using vaccines? We’ll examine the exact mechanisms of how vaccines are developed and produced to explain this misinterpreted construct.

First of all, it's important to draw a strong distinction between the older lines of cultured fetal lung cells and other organ cells, referred to below…

A new study demonstrates what makes a cranberry supplement effective at UTI management

A new, groundbreaking study clarifies why some cranberry supplements are effective at managing recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (2 in 6 months or 3 in 12 months), while others are not, arming healthcare providers with much-needed clarity on how to advise their patients. For the first time, scientists confirmed cranberry products made with soluble proanthocyanidins (PACs), demonstrating higher Anti-Adhesion Activity (AAA) of uropathogenic bacteria in urine compared to products with insoluble PAC after intake of the products over a one-week period.

Vitamins explained in detail: How to shop, what to shop for and when to shop.

This article will address almost every question you care to pose about vitamins. It's an educational resource offered as part of Medika Life’s Alternative Healthcare pages and we hope you find it informative, educational and transparent. We’ve also addressed the issue of aggressively upping vitamin intake in the hopes of warding off the coronavirus. Does it work? Head to the footer to find out.

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are essential micronutrients required by the body in small amounts to support a range of essential functions. …


Advice for those turning to alternative treatments for chronic conditions

If you've decided to forgo modern medicine and look for treatment in the alternate health sector there are a few things you need to be aware of to ensure your experience is a positive one. Unlike the image portrayed above, this isn't a straightforward journey away from prescription medications and visits to your oncologist or doctor into a world of magical treatments and fluffy bunnies. Far from it.

This guide will help you navigate the often treacherous path. …


Meet the twelve disinformationists who are launching a concerted attack on vaccines, your health, and your wallets

What motivates people to spread false health information? In most cases, it is the old age reason. Money or power or both. The individuals you’ll meet below are essential crooked business people, cons who have happened on one of the most lucrative markets in the world and now prey on people's health fears and weaknesses. If you aren’t afraid, they'll make you afraid. The reason? They have something to sell you that will remove that fear. Let’s meet the worst of the worst.

The Disinformation Dozen

The following people have been identified as being responsible for 65% of the anti-vaccine and health misinformation…

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