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Houston Texas

Meet the Ike Dike, the wall Texas must build.

The aftermath of Hurricane Ike in Galveston, Texas/NOAA

It’s called the Ike Dike, and unless you live along the Galveston coastline, chances are you probably haven't heard of it. If you think the Texas/Mexico border wall is expensive, hold on to your hats. The Ike Dike will cost upwards of $26 billion dollars and it’s no longer considered optional.

Hurricane Ike made landfall in 2008, with seawater flooding downtown Galveston. Water levels climbed to nearly 8 feet in some homes and the storm claimed at least 15 people that night on the Bolivar Peninsula, destroying some 3,600 homes there.


Examining Gain of Function research from both sides of the spectrum.

Beefing up Viruses/Medika Life/Creative Commons

Gain of Function (GOF) is one of the most controversial aspects to rise up out of the ashes of our almost post-pandemic society. For most of the West, unfettered access to vaccines has seen the covid pandemic beaten back, while in third world countries and Asia, SARS-CoV2 continues its unchecked transmission through unvaccinated populations, laying waste to countries like India.

What role has GOF played in all of this? Therein lies the crux of the debate, it either had everything to do with the virus or nothing or has perhaps contributed to it. There is evidence in favor of each…

How your patient data is being sold off for commercial purposes

Image/Medika Life/Creative Commons

The next time you engage online with your therapist or doctor, remember you aren’t just speaking to that person, you’re addressing the entire internet. In this article we’ll explain how your most private medical conversations are being recorded, analyzed, and sold on for commercial gain, always to your detriment. A recent 2021 article in Health IT Security highlighted how 30 well-known medical apps were shown to be vulnerable to hacking and API-based attacks.

Julie had been struggling for months to find a therapist to help her deal with increasing levels of anxiety. Finally, out of frustration and a desperate need…

Predatory journals and their impact on the scientific landscape

Image/MedikaLife/Creative Commons

It isn’t easy. Let’s get that out the way up front. The individuals perpetrating these frauds are complex, intelligent people who are motivated by greed, fame, and sometimes, even a real misplaced belief in their ideas. They even manage to pull the wool over fellow professionals, who may lack the knowledge necessary to judge the fraudster's particular field of expertise. Importantly, no field is immune to this. All suffer equally, data science, virology, pharma, clinical, the list is as endless as the motivators for deception.

These confidence tricksters, which is essentially what they are, motivations aside, set about creating a…


Intelligence can often make you even more gullible

Image / Tricks and deception / Ars Technika

How many of you know a learned and well-respected friend or colleague who thinks the Covid vaccines will magnetize your body, disrupt your genetic coding and improve your cell reception? This person is staunchly anti-vaccine and despite their education and intellect, remains convinced the pandemic is a huge pack of fabricated lies. Bizarrely, they are willing to entertain a whole range of outlandish and unproven treatments for Covid while turning their backs on proven science.

If you don't have your hand raised at this point, you need to get out more. The incidence of the aforementioned individual is high, so…

Covid Treatments

Preprints, medical con artists, quacks, and profiteering

Image/Tombstone/Medika Life CC

We attended the digital funeral today of an innocent victim, slaughtered in a horrific drive-by shooting. That victim was of course Ivermectin, a wonder drug that has over the last two decades saved countless lives. The vehicle involved was the pandemic and the vehicle’s occupants, none other than individuals from within the medical and wellness sectors.

To understand why people sworn to protect their patients at all costs would cross over to the dark side, we need to highlight facts that have surfaced over the last few months. …

Health and Nutrition

10 Questions about coffee with answers that may surprise you

Image/Coffee beans and cup/Medika Life CC

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”

It's one of the most consumed beverages in the world and almost all of us enjoy it on occasion, some in moderation, and others, like myself, tend to overindulge. The question is though, how good or bad is coffee really. Does it affect your health and what does it do to your oral health?

Here, courtesy of a survey by Dentavox conducted over a 7 year period with 4686 respondents, are answers to ten questions, some of which you probably hadn't even thought to ask about.

1: Coffee can cause yellow teeth: FACT


To truly understand the efficacy of treatments we require data

Image / Needle in a haystack / Medika Life CC

America’s healthcare system is fragmented and dysfunctional. The Center for Disease Control (CDC)provides guidance and policy based on incomplete data. Data that through no fault of the CDC, is for the most part, wanting or simply non -existent. This results in projections and best guess scenarios, a necessity when all you have to work on in some instances is 25% of the country’s data. In terms of managing infectious diseases and formulating healthcare policy, this strategy is far from ideal and can have fatal consequences.

While compiling a recent article on Covid-19 hospitalizations, Medika set about determining exactly what percentage…


Have we not learned a thing in the last eighteen months?

Image/Joe Biden/Reuters

Before you read this, please understand the following. This article is not meant to discourage people from taking the Covid vaccine. I fully endorse the vaccines and believe they save lives. Rather, this article is about presenting a case for why individuals should be free to choose to be vaccinated or not. It is about the dignity of personal choice and the lack of evidence to support a case to enforce vaccines.

It is unlike anything we have ever encountered before. A global pandemic that has proved as destructive as it has proved disruptive. It has claimed lives, livelihoods, and…


Statistically, they weren't going to die anyway

Image/Pepsi®/Food Navigator

How many people do you know that swear by all they hold sacred that one of these drugs, and in desperate instances, both, saved them from dying of Covid? How many people do you know that use this rationale as evidence of the efficacy of the drugs and as yet another unfounded reason to besmirch vaccines?

Ask a room full of people any of the above and a lot of hands would go up. They would, of course, all be wrong. …

Robert Turner

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