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How your patient data is being sold off for commercial purposes

The next time you engage online with your therapist or doctor, remember you aren’t just speaking to that person, you’re addressing the entire internet. In this article we’ll explain how your most private medical conversations are being recorded, analyzed, and sold on for commercial gain, always to your detriment. A recent 2021 article in Health IT Security highlighted how 30 well-known medical apps were shown to be vulnerable to hacking and API-based attacks.

Julie had been struggling for months to find a therapist to help her deal with increasing levels of anxiety. Finally, out of frustration and a desperate need…

Predatory journals and their impact on the scientific landscape

It isn’t easy. Let’s get that out the way up front. The individuals perpetrating these frauds are complex, intelligent people who are motivated by greed, fame, and sometimes, even a real misplaced belief in their ideas. They even manage to pull the wool over fellow professionals, who may lack the knowledge necessary to judge the fraudster's particular field of expertise. Importantly, no field is immune to this. All suffer equally, data science, virology, pharma, clinical, the list is as endless as the motivators for deception.

These confidence tricksters, which is essentially what they are, motivations aside, set about creating a…

Radical Republicans have plans for America and these quacks are onboard

I spend a lot of time soiling my soul on conspiracy websites and medical disinformation platforms. It comes with the territory and is an unfortunate consequence of attempting to refute the medical misinformation we come across. An annoyingly persistent presence and a growing one is the group of quacks and grifters who like to refer to themselves as America’s Frontline Doctors.

The actual truth of their “frontline” engagement with Covid is a far cry from what they'd have you believe, most never having come remotely close to a Covid patient. Smoke, mirrors, and misdirection.

No good scam is replete without…


Examining Gain of Function research from both sides of the spectrum

A Medika Life Article: Click for original

Gain of Function (GOF) is one of the most controversial aspects to rise up out of the ashes of our almost post-pandemic society. For most of the West, unfettered access to vaccines has seen the covid pandemic beaten back, while in third world countries and Asia, SARS-CoV2 continues its unchecked transmission through unvaccinated populations, laying waste to countries like India.

What role has GOF played in all of this? Therein lies the crux of the debate, it either had everything to do with the virus or nothing or has perhaps contributed to it…

Calls for executions and a military coup were just some of the lowlights from the QAnon event held last weekend in Dallas.

If the Republicans and Democrats can throw a party, then why not QAnon, and where better than Texas to do it. Over the weekend, a three-day event entitled “For God and Country: Patriot Event” was held in downtown Dallas and for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, the most prominent of QAnon’s royalty and a few new faces drove the crowds into wild revolutionary frenzies.

The City-owned Omni Hotel threw open its doors to the anarchists, despite a 20,000 strong petition from local residents who opposed the event. The lineup of less than glittering QAnon celebrities featured sitting Congressman, Rep. …

Medika Life offers advice and official resources on the Covid virus and vaccines from across the globe

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Medika Life enjoys a close connection with the Philippines. Our website development is centered in the Philippines and ensuring we can combat Covid misinformation that is spread on social media matters greatly to us. Vaccine-related conspiracy theories and false advice on products and ingredients that claim to prevent, cure or treat Covid are all over the internet. Filipino’s are one of the most engaged populations on platforms like Facebook and are therefore more exposed than most to being misled by misinformation.

Medika Life offers a wide range of information aimed to debunk and expose…

How individuals and companies are making fortunes off the Covid Vaccines

We know that companies like Amazon have profited from a captive audience over the last year and a half, but who else has been making money, real money, under lockdown? I did a little digging, prompted by a recent list published by Forbes in April. American billionaire wealth currently stands at $4.6 trillion, give or take a trillion or two.

That’s up 35% from $3.4 trillion on January 1, 2020, just as Covid-19 was beginning to take the world by storm.

In other words, U.S. billionaires have increased their wealth by a mouth-watering $1.2 trillion during the pandemic. As President…

New mothers face a daunting obstacle in their efforts to breastfeed.

I reported recently about new research that found all the breastmilk it sampled across the US to be contaminated with PFA’s. If you’re uncertain as to what PFA’s are, you can read that article here. Being an inconsiderate male, my concern was with the long-term impact on our health as a population and I failed completely to address the short-term impact, the one that really matters, which is this. How should nursing mothers respond to this new data?

A friend of mine also read the article, he is an OBGYN and his response bothered me. …

The reds flags are up. Is anyone paying attention?

Originally published on Medika Life

Texas is rapidly establishing itself as the anti-science, anti-trans, anti-women and anti-vaccine capital of America. A raft of new legislation has been passed by Gov Greg Abbott in the last few months. Abbott is the public face of a new conservative Texas that harkens back to the dark ages. In contrast to his earlier public Twitter statement that Texans should be responsible for their own health, not the government, Abbott was clearly referring to men, not, as he clearly perceives them, the lesser citizens of Texas.

What pushes aging academics into the world of medical misinformation and conspiracies?

This article was originally published on Medika Life. For more on our Quack Scale visit the link.

The world of science doesn't tolerate heretics and heresy and Dolores Cahill has discovered in the last few months, that the doors to the hallowed halls of academia have been slammed firmly closed in her face, hopefully permanently. Her campaign of concerted anti-covid propaganda is dangerous and disingenuous to her colleagues and those who have lost loved ones to the virus.

It's hard to explain exactly why these individuals, people like Christiane Northrup and Michael Yeadon, choose to cast away careers of reasonable…

Robert Turner

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