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Whip those puns out. You're going to need them for this device.

Image / COSO /

Houston Texas

Meet the Ike Dike, the wall Texas must build.

The aftermath of Hurricane Ike in Galveston, Texas/NOAA


Examining Gain of Function research from both sides of the spectrum.

Beefing up Viruses/Medika Life/Creative Commons

Covid Vaccines

Common sense, ethics, laws, and guidelines on the right to care

Image / Body in Morgue / Medika Life CC

Scenario 1


A far larger evil is emerging from the shadows of a post-pandemic society

Image/ Weighted World / Steamit

A state by state breakdown of what patients can expect to pay

Image / Healthcare Costs / Medika Life CC

Incidence is higher in women, but this can also affect men

Image / Tender feeling in stomach / Medika Life CC

Four effective digital heart health monitoring solutions

Image/ Apple Watch Heart rate / Apple


And why they must before any mandates can be considered

Image/ President Biden is vaccinated / AP


And what this means for potential treatments for both diseases

Image / Genetic Testing / Medika Life CC

Robert Turner

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