Hello Glenn

Thank you for the long, detailed and thoughtful response. You’ve raised some really interesting points, which I would like to address if I may.

I agree with a few of the basic premises. I have spent time in Asia, in fact I live here now and experience the effects of racism first hand. I am now, in the minority.

I have allowed the culture to assimilate me to an extent. I have learnt the language and I respect and honor their way of life.

It is a sea away from our Western cultures. Not better or worse, just different and in many ways far more human than we in the West can ever claim to be. There are, after all, many ways to arrive at the same destination, are there not? You’re lived here, so you’ll know.

We are all racist. This is where you and I diverge. You’re statement that we are not born this way is erroneous. We are. Racism, the term we use to illustrate our preference for our kind, has been hijacked, used and abused. It has become modern man’s scapegoat for other more clandestine agendas.

Your references to ‘racial’ conflicts you raise are in fact not based on race or color. I was in Rwanda. Religion, greed and politics, funded by the West, fuel those flames. Take the Jews and the Arabs.

You’d be hard pressed to tell them apart most of the time. Dark skinned, bearded with languages to the untrained ear that sound similar, and yet, they can not tolerate one another. Why. Religion. Genetically, they’re a skip and hop apart.

China is hell bent on destroying minority cultures, you’re dead right. Images emerging of massive detention centers show us that wholesale re-education of a people still takes place today, right under our noses. This however is not about racism. It is an engineered assimilation of a different culture that threatens the uniformity of Chinese oneness. It is about politics.

I believe that were it able to obfuscate similar camps, America would engineer the same re-education and reclassification program on its unfortunate black citizens, but it cannot.

Your comments isolate racism as the driving force behind all these global atrocities. It isn’t. Far from it. We’ve latched onto the term and this is mostly a western preoccupation, of blaming atrocities committed in the name of religion, politics, power, capitalism and sheer greed, on racism.

Americans are no more racist than your average day to day Asian, Arab or African. What they are however is easily manipulated, greedy and obsessed with complete control and their own quests for power and the associated wealth it brings.

The native Americans had land, the settlers needed it. Solution? History will tell you that sad tale.

What blacks in America represent to the White elitists, is a threat. A threat to their grip on power. A threat to their capitalist base and an affront to their ‘religious’ morals. Barrack Obama brought home with terrifying clarity, the reality of that threat and just how closely it loomed.

When a population can no longer think for itself, surfers from massive illiteracy, a broken education system, rising levels of poverty affecting both white and black, and relies on the governing authorities to make even the most fundamental of choices on their behalf, you are left with the mess America currently finds itself in.

It is an incredibly simple process to then fan the flames of hatred and ignorance, to enable the simpletons to lead the villagers, bible in hand and hood pulled firmly over the face.

So no sir, the fault does not lie directly with the average white American. Most are good people, who know the fundamental difference between right and wrong and when something reeks of unfairness. The way they have rallied behind their black compatriots speaks volumes, but allow me a cynical thought if you would.

The timing of the unfortunate and cold blooded murder of George Floyd was fortuitous for Black America. They find a White America that is facing huge unemployment, financial hardship and months of bottled up aggression on the heels of social distancing. This anger needed an outlet and black. America provides one.

How we’ve arrived at this moment doesn’t really matter. What matters is that black America uses its impetus now. It may take generations for this moment to come again.

All the anger and simmering rage needs to be pointed fairly and squarely at Washington, at the corrupt institutions that the electorate have enabled. They are the ones now pulling the strings and controlling and directing their sheep.

Don’t blame racism. It’s been used and manipulated, along with most of modern day white America, to arrive at the point we now find ourselves at.

If we could move the discussion away from skin color and confront the real underlying roots of the issue then we could start finally undoing generations of damage.

It takes a group of skilled (hard to believe with Trump in ‘charge’), highly motivated individuals that are devoid of any morals to engineer what you see unfolding. It’s been primed to reach this moment.

I know and I can see it. I can see it because I have the luxury of a distant perspective. I can see it because I’ve worked among these warlords in Africa. I’m currently watching a new dictator emerge in Asia, delicately and slowly, with the finesse of a skilled surgeon.

I’ve seen some of the comments on this post. They’ve bought the lie, they’ve bought into racism being there problem. As long as they continue to perpetuate the fairytale, there isn’t going to be a happy ending.

In America, and I shudder to think of the consequences, I think at this point that nothing short of a civil war, an actual overthrow of the current power structure that enables the regime, allowing the formation of a real government based on shared human values, would actually end this.

Finally for my ‘racist’ readers, hell bent on perpetuating the lie, a thought.

All life matters. Not just black, not just white, any color. We all matter. The loss of any life is tragic , especially those that could have been avoided, were it not for ignorance and the pursuit of power. For what? A pipe dream.

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