How the Herd Said No to Covid’s Social Distancing

and why a Covid Vaccine no longer matters for most

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The term ‘Herd Immunity’ refers to a large group of animals, that through close proximity, infect one another. The weak and vulnerable die, leaving the stronger, now immune, survivors to forge ahead on their evolutionary path. In more ways then one, this analogy applies to the American population as they head into their six month of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

As far as the animals are concerned, this “herd Immunity” strategy isn't devised and planned. They have no choice in the matter, lacking the necessary mental faculties to properly process the dangers associated with infectious disease and proximity. They are programmed to exist within the normally safe confines of the herd.

There is safety in numbers and this principle extends beyond the animal kingdom, pervading our global society. Stand alone and the world stands against you. Act in a group and you become less of a target, risk is spread and the group lends volume and importance to shared values. You matter, because of the herd. Independent thought is replaced with herd think.

This mentality is so deeply entrenched in our psyche’s that we are unable to change it. For large swathes of America, stupidity, ignorance, arrogance and their dependence on their herd has overruled social distancing. For these individuals, and they number in the billions globally, there will be no ‘new normal’. They’ve refused to relinquish their past.

They are waiting, bidding their time. Waiting for their herd to acquire that gold standard all herds aspire to. Blanket immunity achieved through infection of the entire group. Their end goal is a return to the old normal. The one politicians and the media claim has passed. The naivety of these claims will be shown for what they are in the months to come.

We don’t want new normal. We are simply waiting for the right to reclaim our old lives, our old ways. A right we will earn through our acquired immunity and the herd members that fall by the wayside are simply an acceptable and necessary cost of the process.

These herds show blatant disregard for their fellow humans, both in and out of their herds. They are driven by ignorant assumptions and self interest, their sole goal to return to the feeding grounds of old, stepping over the bodies of their sacrificed comrades, those that were weak and vulnerable.

For those who would argue that humans have evolved to escape our primal instincts, the pandemic has provided a masterclass in our true natures. We are the culmination of generation upon generation of mental advancement, to what end? We are no better than a herd of bison, responding to danger by reverting to the herd, assuming it will offer salvation.

For now, all it offers is death and despair.

Yet, there remains a sick logic to the madness. One that is devoid of compassion or caring for our fellow man.One based on numbers. Our herds are legion and our numbers ensure our survival, even if it appears on the surface to be at the cost of our humanity.

I would argue that the value we place on our humanity is misplaced and overrated. I would argue that in the end, the only true safety does in fact exist within the herd. It offers both limited power and anonymity in exchange for mindless obedience, a perfect refuge against the storm for those of questionable conscience.

The cost of maintaining this structure is eminently affordable. The numbers below show our global population as of today and the births and deaths across the planet.At nearly 8 billion, we’re most definitely not on the verge of extinction. Covid related deaths, at 729 000, barely even feature in the statistics.

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Despite almost 30 million deaths so far for 2020, our global population has still increased by 14 million. Hardly cause for panic then. Hardly cause for closing down the worlds economies. Hardly cause for mass hysteria. The herd seems to be in pretty good place, numbers wise.

Globally, Covid deaths make up around 2% of the deaths so far in 2020. For this 2% we have chosen to bankrupt our economies, place billions of lives in jeopardy from future starvation and disease and devastated lives across the globe, destroying business and placing untold families into abject poverty. That is the cold harsh truth of our response to the pandemic.

So you see, as a member of the herd, a part of me understands your ignorance, a part of me sympathizes with your psychopathic view of your fellow man. I understand why you don’t wear that mask and it has nothing to do with civil liberties. Its simply your way of ensuring we achieve that her immunity a little sooner.

The faster we’re able to shed the weak, the aged and the vulnerable, the sooner you can revert to your old life, to your old normal, free once again to graze the wide plains in ever increasing numbers as your herds devour the last of our resources.

Make no mistake though, don’t confuse my understanding for agreement and as you continue your dark descent down your chosen evolutionary path, don’t expect to see my outstretched hand as you begin to slip. You’re on your own. Ask the herd, they’ll tell you.

Finally, a question for global governments

Who exactly is it that you intend to inoculate with your greatly prophesied vaccine?

Given the inaccuracy of your testing protocols and the aggressive rate of infection of Covid, I would assume, and I am certain, safely so, that your entire population, with the exception of Joe “Bunker” Biden, will have been exposed to the coronavirus by the end of 2020. The herds have seen to it.

Not much point then really, is there.

In point of fact, this is more than likely true of most populace countries globally. Your restriction measures have failed miserably, both in terms of your deployment and implementation. All you have managed to achieve to date is widespread financial misery and now, you promise the herd a reward at the end of the journey.

This is a little like giving the cows a drink on their way into the abattoir. Totally pointless. Too little and too late.

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